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Potatoes and Potential

By Todd R. Berger

Part tractor museum and part six-story indoor-outdoor event space, Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) in downtown Boise, Idaho, is a hub for creative team building. With 51 tractors and steam engines dating to 1885, JUMP’s unusual mix of art, potato farming history, and 13 light-filled event spaces, terraces, and gardens offers ample room for employees to explore their potential.

“It is an inspiring place to dream about what you are doing in the world, how you want to make [what you are doing] better,” says Karen White, JUMP’s events manager. “We are a place where people can come and think creatively about what they are passionate about.”

JUMP features an amphitheater, a 1/3-acre sculpture garden, a tool-filled workshop, a five-story spiral slide, and catering from Thomas Cuisine Management. For private events, JUMP works with nonprofits and businesses on team building, brainstorming, and other activities that benefit employees.

White adds, “We have a lot of people who come here because it is such a beautiful building to dream and to plan.”