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Staypineapple is Expanding

By Amanda Christensen

Pineapple Hospitality in Bellevue, Washington, announced on Jan. 17 that it will launch Staypineapple Hotels Inc., which will take over management of the 10 Staypineapple properties across the country this year. Managing private boutique hotels since 2010, Pineapple Hospitality provides a strong base for businesses to acquire third-party licensing and property management via Staypineapple Hotels Inc. 

The Maxwell Hotel in Seattle, managed by Staypineapple

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“We now feel confident that we’ve perfected our systems and services and are ready to launch Staypineapple Hotels Inc., … [which] will share the Staypineapple brand with our fellow hoteliers as a new and groundbreaking hotel flag option,” says Todd Boysen, president and CEO of Staypineapple Hotels Inc., in a prepared statement.

The new management company’s executive leadership team made its first official public appearance at the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s annual Americas Lodging Investment Summit in Los Angeles on Jan. 23-26. 

There are four Staypineapple hotels in the Seattle area—The Maxwell Hotel, Hotel Five, Watertown Hotel, and University Inn—along with one in Portland, Oregon, Hotel Rose. Each offers private spaces for groups and events with lively urban centers as their backdrop.