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The Space Needle Revealed Interactive Digital Experiences

By M+E Staff

This summer, the iconic Space Needle introduced the Space Needle Mobile App and various 520 Teleporter digital kiosks. With a vantage point 520 feet above the city, the app and kiosks serve as a starting point for exploration.


The Space Needle Mobile App acts as a guide and historical reference. The app exposes alternative views with augmented reality, highlights historical events and provides visitors with information about all the must-see attractions in town. Once the app is downloaded, guests can point their phone at one of multiple “Space Spots” on the ground. Here is where guests face the augmented reality, as the Space needle raises out of the spot with fireworks, space ships or other numerous experiences


The 520 Teleporter digital kiosks use technology that captures places in amazing resolution and full 3D. Visitors can be transported to the Pike Place Market, or climb aboard one of the houseboats as seen in “Sleepless in Seattle.” The kiosks also offer the guest a 360 degree tour of “never before seen” experiences. Also on the observation deck, guests can go back or forward in time with the digital touchscreen SkyPad, which displays thousands of photos of visits to the Space Needle from the 60s to the present. Guests can post photos of their own experience, too.


“We pushed beyond what we thought was possible to offer our guests, and locals alike, experiences that are totally unique, memorable, and shareable,” said Karen Olson, vice president of marketing, Space Needle. “We’re heightening our guests’ ability to discover Seattle with new experiences that deliver more interaction, insights, connections, smiles and ‘wow.’ And, there is more to come.” 


There are many more re-invented guest experiences that have been introduced over the summer months, including the Space Needle SpaceBook, SkyHigh Selfie and Zoomie. For more on what’s to come or for more information on the technologies described above, please visit