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Bring in the Llamas & Goats

By Teresa Bergen

Brush Creek Ranch
A guest leads a llama through a river at Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming. || Courtesy of Brush Creek Ranch

Your team can get a dose of animal therapy through Brush Creek Ranch’s new animal experiences. The 30,000-acre working cattle ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, now offers opportunities to interact with its herd of alpine, nubian, Nigerian dwarf, and mini-nubian goats, as well as a herd of llamas. Learn to groom llamas and bottle feed crias (adorable baby llamas) in the 2 1/2-hour Llamas 101 session. The llamas will also take you out for a half-day hike, wade into rivers with your group while you fly fish, or carry your gourmet lunch basket into the mountains for a llama hike and picnic.

For a low-key goat event, your team can start the morning with a goat pasture walk, leisurely strolling among cavorting goats. Or get bendy during a goat yoga class where baby goats hop on and off your mat. Fly fishing with llamas accommodates up to eight participants, while these other small group activities are suitable for groups of 10.

For the foodies in your group, they can enjoy the goat herd through hands-on classes making goat milk caramel, feta, ricotta, or mozzarella. While most of these activities are available seasonally, Brush Creek offers Llamas 101, llama hikes, and feta making year-round.