Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Modern Travel Made Easy

By Amanda Christensen

With service beginning summer 2023, the Vancouver Island Ferry Co. in British Columbia will bring “modern, reliable, friendly, high-speed, passenger-only ferry service” to the Pacific Northwest, says Alastair Caddick, CEO of the company. 

The wake from a ferry heading to Vancouver Island

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Ferries will sail between downtown Vancouver, its port located just in front of the Vancouver Convention Centre in the heart of the waterfront, and downtown Nanaimo on the southeastern side of Vancouver Island. Ferries will launch from both sites five to 10 times per day, with sailings increasing depending on demand. A one-way ride will take about 70 minutes, an aspect that Caddick says will make for perfect day trips to or from the island. 

Exact pricing will be announced this spring, but Caddick notes the company will offer affordable tickets to provide what he calls “modern travel made easy.”