• Pod Times Square Officially Opens

    POSTED August 27, 2017

Times Square just got a bit more exciting with the announcement of The Pod Hotels flagship property, Pod Times Square opening this fall. The Pod Hotel collection’s wildly successful properties will see the addition of Pod Times Square, a BD Hotels property (The Mercer, The Marlton, The Bowery, The Maritime, The Greenwich). The innovative micro-hotel boasts the highest percentage of occupancy across the entire BD Hotels portfolio and will take things a set further this fall right in the center of New York City’s hustle and bustle.

Located in the heart of Times Square, Pod Times Square will expand on the micro-hotel concept to the corner of 42nd street and 9th Avenue. Each of the 665 rooms is expertly designed, with features like built in storage, to take advantage of every inch of their 115 square feet. Guests can use their personal devices to stream media content from their queen and bunk bed configurations using the hotel's high-tech amenities. Extended-stay or even long-term leases will be available for the first time in forty-five Pod Pads varying from 600 – 800 square feet.

Tenants can enjoy exclusive benefits like a fitness center and lounge on the top floor boasting views of the city’s west side and Hudson River. Guests, tenants, and locals alike can enjoy cocktails and cuisine in either of the hotel’s two Major Food Group concepts: a brand new Tiki Bar with generous outdoor space overlooking New York City’s pulse of Times Square, as well as Parm, the group's famous casual Italian-American restaurant (this will be the sixth location).

A 60-foot tall vestibule made entirely of glass welcomes guests before they are whisked up to the third-floor lobby in a glass enclosed elevator. Guests taking the elevator will find the shaft uniquely designed featuring witty murals by Brooklyn native artist James Rizzi, the American pop artist who is responsible for the idea of 3D multiples.

 “After ten years of overwhelming success, we are excited to finally create the biggest pod ever,’ says Richard Born of BD Hotels.  “It’s an honor to continue as a leader in the micro-hotel industry by implementing our newest concept – Pod Pads.  The goal of these pads is to offer ‘plug-and-play’ living spaces for those looking for a more convenient way to live and travel.”

A short walk to the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood will deliver guests some of New York City’s best cuisine, as well as trendy bars and nightlife. For those looking to explore more of what the city has to offer, the Time Square subway hub could not be more convenient.

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