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Design Details Revealed in the Mansion at Natirar’s Restoration

The Mansion at Natirar will reopen this June with new spaces for club members and private events following a 35,000-square-foot restoration, which created new areas such as the Grand Ballroom and Conservatory. The new design is predicted to put the venue at the top of the list for Northern New Jersey events.

Pod Brooklyn Set to Open Spring 2017

BD Hotels and CB Developers are opening another Pod Hotel in New York City, this time in Willamsburg. Set to open in spring of 2017, Pod Brooklyn will be a micro-hotel comprised of modular guest rooms.

Sample Five of the Best Craft Breweries for Your Next Event


THE CRAFT BEER INDUSTRY is a multibillion-dollar, growing industry. Each year, craft beers are taking a larger percentage of the entire beer market. The craft beer craze is especially evident in Pennsylvania, with 16 new craft breweries founded in 2013 alone, which brings the total to more than 100.

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