Monthly boxes have been trending for a while now, but now there's one just for meeting and event planners. Profboxes contains four to six items that help planners organize, harmonize, mobilize, energize and socialize. Items can be anything from desk accessories, organizational tools, aromatherapy items, travel accessories, and caffeinated beverages and supplements. The mission is to equip planners with products that help improve the quality of their lives; give them a "me-moment;" and connect them with quality vendors.

"As a corporate meeting planner myself, I realize that event professionals’ jobs are often very stressful," says Brittany Ryan, founder and creative director of Profboxes. "Profboxes provides event professionals with the continual monthly thanks and celebration that they deserve."

Profboxes is more than tangible items; there's an online community that comes with it. Says Ryan: "Profboxes is a place to share the strenuous moments as well as the beautiful end results. … On social media, we highlight real event professionals in their real settings. We want to capture ‘a day in the life’ of a planner, whether that's in their home office, in travel mode, or meeting with a client."

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