• Say 'Cheers' to a Gift Everyone Will Love with Wine

    POSTED November 14, 2017

It isn’t easy to find the perfect gift, but Austin-based Personal Wine may have cracked the code. From highend Champagne to budget-friendly Pinot Grigio, these gifts are sure to please. And don’t forget to check out the miniature bottles of prosecco with striped straws! “For the past 18 years, Personal Wine has exemplified the meaning of giving the ‘perfect gift,” says Alex Andrawes, founder and chairman of Personal Wine. “What sets our company apart from other wine gift companies is that our product is a two-part gift: high-end wine and Champagne with an exceptional taste, along with a beautifully designed custom bottle that will serve as a timeless memory.”

All Personal Wine bottles can be customized with labels featuring images and text, so corporate or event branding is a breeze. To top it off, engraved wooden boxes or wine glasses are also available to accompany personalized wine bottles. Corporate gift-givers will love the ability to knock out an entire client list at once. Personal Wine will ship personalized gifts individually, and dates can even be set far in advance. 


KitcheNet brings fresh fruit to corporate offices and meetings while giving back to the community.



When I first started in the industry as a corporate event planner, budgets were hefty and guest experiences were top-notch until they weren’t once the market crashed. Thankfully it seems as though now organizations are investing budget dollars back into events to boost customer and employee morale.