Located in the heart of downtown Princeton, Mistral offers a stunning mix of taste, style and atmosphere. With a welcoming outdoor patio that is equipped to provide guests comfort regardless of the season and rustic, inviting interior, Mistral’s atmosphere evokes feelings of warmth and community.

Mistral first opened its doors in spring 2013. While influenced by global flavor profiles and techniques, Mistral’s menu features culturally influenced, interpretative American cuisine—much like its sister restaurant, elements. Mistral delivers an entirely different dining experience to its guests—featuring smaller plates (not to be mistaken as tapas) that are intended to be savored and shared. 

In 2015, Mistral expanded to include Mistral Bar, where guests enjoy a full craft cocktail menu designed by renowned barman Jamie Dodge that is both unexpected and classic and attuned to chef Anderson’s local and seasonal ethos.


—1.5 oz. Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond Rye
—.5 oz. Becherovka (bitter liquor)
—.5 oz. Snap (ginger snap flavor liquer)
—.25 oz. Dolin Genepy des Alpes (green/yellow/chartreuse hybrid –alpine liquer)
—.25 oz. honey syrup
—.25 oz. house ginger beer syrup (ginger syrup)
—2 dashes Jerry Thomas Bitters


1 » Stir, strain over a square, oversized ice cube into a double rocks glass.
2 » Garnish with a lemon peel.

As the number of vaccinations across the country increases, the amount of live events and gatherings will hopefully rise with it. However, that doesn’t mean the way people gather will go back to normal instantly: there may be an adjustment period before bars, theaters, stadiums and churches are all full of people again.

 Spacing, social distancing, and creativity will be vital for planners and venues in the meantime, and tools like staging, seating, and more will be crucial for the execution of these.


2020 was on track to be a record year. For some catering companies across the state, continuous growth year-over-year had set them up for success, and they thought it would be their best 365 days yet.

And a record year it was—but not for good reasons. Layoffs and furloughs, major losses in sales, and too many cancellations and postponed events to count made 2020 a year that catering companies will never forget.


Well known for its envelope pushing cocktails served with a down-to-earth approach, Standby Detroit has not only helped to garner acclaim for Detroit’s cocktail scene, it’s continued to inspire and connect—even in the wake of a pandemic.

On-site cocktail catering and private events at the bar may be on hold through April, but guests can still enjoy creative stirred, shaken and carbonated bottled cocktails to go or book a private cocktail class to perfect their home bartending skills.