—1.75 oz. Barrell Rye Batch #2
—.5 oz. Averna
—.5 oz. Punt E Mes
—.5 oz. Vicario Cherry liqueur
—glass: martini or Nick & Nora
—garnish: cherry

Add all ingredients to mixing glass filled with ice. Stir and pour into a Nick and Nora or martini glass. Garnish with a cherry on a skewer.

Located in Columbia Street Waterfront, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, The Longshoreman’s eponymous signature drink takes a twist on the cocktail named for Kings County. The Brooklyn, which is made of rye, amaro and dry vermouth, was made originally as a twist on the classic Manhattan. The Longshoreman swaps the dry vermouth with a sweet vermouth to round out the flavors and gives allegiance to the original Manhattan cocktail.

The Longshoreman gives drinkers a subtle hint of spice from the rye, a fruit-forward sweetness from the Vicario Cherry mixing with the Punt E Mes, and herbaceous notes from the Averna amaro. Classic Manhattan drinkers instantly fall in love with this amped up twist on a well-known classic.

The Longshoreman is one of a few cocktails that have a permanent home on the restaurant’s menu through the changing seasons. The bar team works together every couple of months to bring seasonal craft beverages but have also been trained to create cocktails on request by asking for guests’ flavor preferences (i.e. bitter, spicy, smoky, herbaceous, etc.). Personalized beverages have become so popular that the team has built them into its private events beverage packages.

Marina Kitchen, the signature restaurant at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, launched an urban beekeeping program in 2015 as a way to encourage environmental efforts on the 1,360-room property.


Lighten up your winter with Holman’s Table’s honey, ginger and lemon cocktail.

Winter blues getting you down? Fire up the cocktail shaker and try a recipe that will surely lift your spirits. Holman’s Table’s Penicillin is a perfect blend of scotch, honey, ginger and lemon juice— all the ingredients needed to melt away the wintertime sadness. 


— 1.5 oz. Bank Note Blended Scotch

(or your choice aged, blended scotch or whiskey)

— 0.75 oz. Honey Simple Syrup


Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you can’t have a little holiday-inspired cheer (and by “cheer,” we mean alcohol). Try this super-easy, super-tasty drink recipe from The Benson Hotel.

Fill a glass or copper
mug with ice.

—1.5 ounces vodka
—2 ounces cranberry juice
—juice of half of a lime
—fill/top with ginger beer