Well known for its envelope pushing cocktails served with a down-to-earth approach, Standby Detroit has not only helped to garner acclaim for Detroit’s cocktail scene, it’s continued to inspire and connect—even in the wake of a pandemic.

On-site cocktail catering and private events at the bar may be on hold through April, but guests can still enjoy creative stirred, shaken and carbonated bottled cocktails to go or book a private cocktail class to perfect their home bartending skills.

Try your hand at The Tick of the Clock, a fan favorite. “It’s classically driven and heading toward tequila mule territory with a heavy dose of bitters that adds depth and balance to an otherwise very spicy cocktail,” says owner Joe Robinson. “The Tick of the Clock was on our opening menu at Standby, one that I’d made years before during my cocktail catering days. I’d say it’s a Standby classic.”

- 1.5 oz. blanco tequila
- 1 oz. fresh lime
- 1 oz. ginger syrup*
- 0.25 oz. angostura bitters

Measure all ingredients into a shaker tin, fill with ice and shake. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Pick three fresh mint sprigs and break off the stems with about one inch left. Give the mint a good smack to “wake it up” and place as a garnish on the side of the glass.

- 250 grams peeled fresh ginger
- 250 grams cane sugar
- 8 oz. hot water

Peel the ginger using the edge of a spoon. Dice the ginger into one-inch cubes and add half of the ginger, the water and the sugar to a blender. Blend and slowly add remaining ginger until the mixture is fully blended. Strain and bottle the mixture. Refrigerate up to one week.

Combine two Dallas favorites, stir in one of America’s favorite fresh fruits and what do you get? One tasty cocktail.

Created by a bartender at Sheraton Dallas Hotel’s popular restaurant Open Palette, the Local Apple cocktail is made with whiskey handcrafted by Dallas distillery Herman Marshall.

To make the Local Apple, combine:

— 2 oz. Herman Marshall Whiskey

— 1 oz. egg white

— ¾ oz. lemon juice



—2 oz. Bulleit Rye Whiskey

—.25 oz. Yellow Chartreuse

—.05 oz. sweet vermouth

—1 dash cherry bark vanilla bitters

—garnish with two Filthy Italian Amarena Cherries


Pour the above ingredients into a glass and stir, then set aside.


What’s better than Dippin’ Dots ice cream on a hot summer day? How about a daiquiri topped with the delicious treat? You read that right: The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa is treating guests at the River Bluff Water Experience to an unusual, but delicious beverage while they enjoy the expansive 9-acre water park oasis.


–4 oz. light rum 

–1/2 cup fresh strawberries