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All the Love in Nashville, Tennessee

Loveless Events provides a sprinkle of authentic Southern hospitality.

By Ava Diaz

The exterior of the Loveless Barn event venue CREDIT Loveless Events

For more than 70 years, the Loveless Cafe has delivered the gift of made-from-scratch Southern comfort food to visitors near and far. Famous for their iconic hot biscuits and crispy fried chicken, the cafe is about a 25-minute drive from downtown Nashville.

Opening its doors in 1951, it wasn’t long before the owners converted their home on the same grounds into a 14-room motel to adhere to the high demand of hungry traveling guests. Since then, Loveless has reconfigured its offerings and transformed the property into a destination venue for a collection of meetings and events. Rooted in hospitality, the now cafe and multiuse event center boasts rustic ambience with modern amenities.

“One of the big things that keeps [Loveless Events] unique is that we are so iconic being a part of the Loveless Cafe,” says Jennifer Klein, sales and events manager of Loveless Events. “Loveless has been here forever and people just know the name and know the brand. We get so many clients that have a story that ties back to the cafe … it just adds the history to their families, and I think that is a wonderful thing.”

Handmade peach preserves provided by the Loveless Cafe offer a sweet, one-of-a-kind treat for event attendees. CREDIT Loveless Events

The former motel is now host to the Harpeth Room. Suited for a smaller gathering, this space can accommodate up to 60 people and includes farm table-style seating, as well as the option to rent a 55-inch TV for additional event visuals. The Barn, opened in 2010, features a space for parties as small as 75 and as large as 1,000 people concert style—with the standard event size ranging from 300-550, Klein notes. “It is a modern, diverse venue that is not just your standard, typical barn,” she says. “It is just one of those venues that you can do so much with it.”

The interior of the Barn event venue CREDIT Loveless Events

For a breath of fresh air, utilize the courtyard and porches for breakout sessions or cocktail hours, and the adjacent Lawn offers an expansive space that has hosted outdoor meals for 400, Klein says. Or consider bringing the warmth and comfort of Loveless right to you and your attendees with their convenient food truck. Serving all the classics like fried chicken, hashbrown casserole, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and of course, biscuits, the Loveless Food Truck is the perfect way to give attendees a taste of the south.

While some may look at the drive from downtown as a disadvantage, Klein says that the location fuses the convenience of the nearby urban center with the natural charm of the landscape. “You are out in this beautiful country and this sweet little old town property has so much history and unique appeal to it … I think that is what draws clients to us,” she says. “Once they [guests and clients] get here they get a feel [that] it is just like a home.”