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The Fab Tap Expands to Florida

A Minnesota-based mobile bar launches partnership with Vacayzen to cater to Florida’s top beaches.

By Ava Diaz

The Fab Tap is a mobile bar that provides a customizable refreshment experience for event attendees. CREDIT The Fab Tap

Fab Tap, the Minnesota-based traveling bar experience, is expanding its services to the Florida Panhandle this spring. Partnering with Vacayzen, a Florida-based hassle-free service and gear rental company, the two will collaborate to bring refreshing happy hours seaside.

“Since our first initial launch to now, people are really excited for us to continue delivering on experiences, and now they can do that at the beach,” says Lindsey Pattee, founder and owner of The Fab Tap.

Originally established in the Twin Cities region in 2021, Pattee wanted to create something that could bring people together through her favorite things—connection, flowers, and bubbly.

The notable bar on wheels was developed from a 1970s Carvel Land Yacht Airstream RV Trailer (which Pattee named the Queen Stream), equipped with eight taps and can be filled with beverage options including beer, Champagne, cider, wine, and zero-proof beverages of the client’s choosing. Since it began, the company has also expanded to include two other smaller mobile options for gatherings: the Petite Pete and the Bubbly Betty.

The Petite Pete drink stand CREDIT The Fab Tap

While the business grew exponentially, Pattee found herself working upwards of 17 hours a day to prepare and service a multitude of events. Her desire to spread the love equally to her family and her clients soon became top priority. In need of an extra set of hands, she connected with her husband’s friend and former coworker, Jonny Reynolds, who is the president and CEO of Vacayzen.

Serving the Flordia regions of South Walton/Scenic Highway 30A, Destin, and Panama Beach, Vacayzen offers rentals for bikes (5,000 in total), golf carts (200 in total), baby strollers, and beach gear, as well as kayaking and fishing outings, surfing lessons, and curated beachside bonfires to create the best vacation experience.

“We are the largest company of our kind here in the 30A market,” he says. “It has been a cool ride and a fun company to be a part of and it is great to expand to new offerings that we think will be valuable to our customers.”

Building onto each other’s mission’s, the two conceptualized a plan to reach a larger audience and create memorable experiences both near and far. “Our visions really aligned,” Reynolds says. “When I took over the company about a year ago, I really wanted to tune into the experiential side of things and really provide customers with memories and not just gear … [I am] trying to be the memory that ends up on the mantel or the Christmas card. I want to be a part of that picture and a part of that story … Lindsey was already achieving that.”

Bringing a mobile trailer down south, Vacayzen will assist The Fab Tap with the logistics of planning and operations with clients right on the beach—quite the new approach for Pattee, the northern native.

“There is a lot of opportunity that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish here in Minnesota,” she says. “I hope to continue operating more units on the beach.”

The Fab Tap and Vacayzen collaboration will launch this spring in hopes of providing unique experiences to spring breakers and summer enthusiasts.