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Adult Science Nights at Explora

Groups can join in hands-on fun at Albuquerque children’s attraction

By Beth Buehler

Albuquerque’s science center and children’s museum, Explora, inspires curiosity in kids and adults alike. Explora Adult Nights, typically held every other month, began in 2004 in response to requests from members and visitors who wanted to experience Explora in a whole new way: without the kids.

Each adults-only evening features a unique theme with related activities such as performances, guest lectures, art and science installations, and hands-on science experiments with unexpected materials. Plus, there is food, music, and all sorts of day-to-day Explora fun such as Curious Bubbles and Shapes of Sounds at attendees’ fingertips.

Explora Adult Night in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hand’s on science during Adult Night CREDIT Explore

Three “Science of …” Adult Nights are held throughout the year to focus on wine, beer and spirits, attracting crowds of 1,000 to 1,200, says Explora Communications and Marketing Manager Amythyst Marciano. Science of Wine on Feb. 24 was an oenological odyssey as participants journeyed through the composition, nature, and discipline of wine.

Participants sampled New Mexico wines produced by Sheehan, Noisy Water, Gruet, and Jaramillo Vineyards at five tasting stations sprinkled around the museum’s two levels. In addition, attendees learned about how acidity affects the crisp or round notes of wines, basic tasting elements, and making wine at home. Cork stamp art and wine label activities and cello music by artist Ryan Smith were part of the ticket cost, and food was available from Munchie Truck and Parker’s Pizza.

To keep participants safe, designated driver tickets cost only $10 and included a glass of sparkling grape juice, access to all activities, and first dibs at the hydration bar for DIY specialty water cocktails. Those purchasing VIP tickets enjoyed a 6 p.m. early entry and private cocktail room and received gifts.

Other Adult Nights attract 500 to 800 people. The remaining themes for adult science nights at Explora in 2023 focusing on Magical Science (May 19); Sowing Science (July 21); Science of Beer (Aug. 18); ArtCade (Sept. 15); Science of Spirits(Oct. 20); and Ancient Science (Nov. 17).

Explora Adult Night in Albuquerque
On Adult Nights, it’s all about engaging adults in a fun evening CREDIT Explore

Groups can purchase tickets to adult science nights at Explora, take part in VIP experiences, and book a meeting room for a private gathering space during the event, Marciano confirms.

The architecturally distinct Explora is located in the heart of Albuquerque’s historic Old Town district next to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and Albuquerque Museum.