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Meeting Volume Growth Is Tops in Las Vegas, Knowland Says

Las Vegas leads the nation in year-over-year meeting volume growth in August

By Todd R. Berger

9.12.23 Las Vegas Leads Nation in Meeting Volume Growth Due in Part to the Opening of The Sphere
Due in part to the opening of attractions such as The Sphere, Las Vegas leads the nation in meeting volume growth. | Photo by dima, Courtesy of Adobe Stock

Knowland, the world’s leading provider of data-as-a-service insights on meetings and events for hospitality, reports overall U.S. meeting volume growth for August 2023 was 21% higher than August 2022. This data is sourced from Knowland’s sales intelligence platform designed to help hoteliers build and protect a hotel’s revenue base.

Las Vegas shined among the top 25 markets with 44% year-over-year growth for meeting volume growth in August. With the excitement over The Sphere at The Venetian and the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix last November, transportation and construction have emerged as the top 2019 comeback industry segments for 2023, with a 366% and 250% recapture of 2019 meetings and events volume year-to-date, respectively. The average number of attendees for Las Vegas was 439, and the meeting space used averaged over 12,000 square feet.

  • Year-over-year comparison: August 2023 event volume increased 21% over August 2022.
  • Top five markets (by event volume growth): Las Vegas led with national association meetings, followed by technology. Four markets—Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago—rounded out the top 5 growth markets for year-over-year volume growth. Below is additional insight into the top drivers for these markets.

    • Las Vegas: National association, technology, entertainment/media, training/education, wedding
    • Nashville: National association, technology, health care, manufacturing, and training/education
    • Los Angeles-Long Beach: Education, training, technology, charity/nonprofit, and wedding
    • Seattle: National association, technology, wedding, education, health care
    • Chicago:  National association, wedding, technology, education, and health care
  • Top markets (by percentage growth):  The top overall U.S. markets by year-over-year growth in meetings and events were Greensboro-Winston Salem, North Carolina; Michigan South; Mobile, Alabama; Madison, Wisconsin; and Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Virginia.