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Photo Busses Make Things Groovy

Cruisin' Photo Bus drives up with vintage and portable VW photo busses to your meeting or event

By Todd R. Berger

6.6.24 Photo busses from Cruisin' Photo Bus in Phoenix, Arizona
Cruisin’ Photo Bus brings photo busses to events in Phoenix, Arizona. || Courtesy of Cruisin’ Photo Bus

Incorporate the pastel colors of the Arizona desert into your Phoenix-area event by bringing in Cruisin’ Photo Bus’ vintage Volkswagen photo busses. Affectionately named Margo, Millie, and Milo, the green, blue, and pink vans contain working photo studios and are staffed by attendants. In addition to offering on-the-spot photo-printing services and providing photos on a USB drive/online, Cruisin’ Photo Bus creates an elaborate set outside the vehicle for gathering and capturing candid shots in front of the 1960s-era vehicles.