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The Mob Museum for Wiseguy Gatherings

From a steel-plated, bulletproof judge's bench to a working moonshine still, The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a one-of-kind meeting venue

By Todd R. Berger

5.24.24 Scavenger hunt at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada
Scavenger hunt at the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, also known as The Mob Museum, in Las Vegas, Nevada || Photo by Chris Wessling

The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement in Las Vegas, Nevada, can put together almost anything you wish for private events—a Marilyn Monroe impersonator jumping out of a cake, moonshine cocktails, or a former mobster guest speaker. But if you host an event at what almost everyone calls The Mob Museum, don’t ask the museum to clear out the judge’s bench from The Historic Courtroom.

“That is the only thing we can’t move—it is bulletproof, steel-plated, and very heavy,” says Sabine von Henning, senior director of development and special events for The Mob Museum.

The courtroom is the largest meeting space with capacity for up to 160, but attendees might also mix and mingle among the museum’s exhibits, drinks and food in hand. The nonprofit museum has capacity for groups up to 730 in total. The more intimate Underground evokes the Prohibition era, with The Speakeasy, The Distillery (with its working moonshine still), and a small space behind a hidden door. You can coordinate a custom password with the museum to open the door, if you wish.

The Mob Museum also helps organize the event. Von Henning calls the museum “a one-stop shop. The clients tell us what they’re looking for and then we will work with them to make it happen.”