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The Punk Rock Museum Opens on April 1

Las Vegas attraction to welcome groups and feature a bar, wedding chapel, tattoo parlor, and more.

By Beth Buehler

After many years of planning and tireless collaboration from the Punk Collective, The Punk Rock Museum is set to launch at 1422 Western Ave. between the Las Vegas Strip and downtown. When the Punk Rock Museum Opens on April 1, visitors will see artifacts and memorabilia from across the world’s punk scene such as handwritten lyrics, instruments, clothing, photos, flyers, and artwork. A bar, tattoo parlor, wedding/wake chapel, punk merchandise shop, and performance space are among the many highlights.

The Punk Rock Museum drawing
Drawing of one of Las Vegas’s newest attractions CREDIT The Punk Rock Museum

The 12,000-square-foot attraction encompasses five decades of punk history, including the Jam Room, where instruments originally owned by punk musicians were donated and can be played. Chris Shiflett from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes contributed his green guitar featured on the back cover of the band’s album “Take A Break” released in 2003. In addition, Pete Koller from Sick Of It All donated his white ESP Viper guitar to play in the Jam Room and will be leading guided tours from April 14-16. Tour guide tickets are on sale now with the April and May lineups including many familiar punk rock names.

The Punk Rock Museum Tour Guides., 2023
Upcoming tour guides CREDIT The Punk Rock Museum

The museum’s bar, The Triple Down, will ensure all thirsty visitors stay hydrated. The name for the bar was inspired by two legendary punk bars: Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis and Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas. P Moss, founder of the Double Down, will co-manage the Triple Down bar at The Punk Rock Museum. Another museum highlight is the Vegas Punk Shop that will sell one-of-a-kind items inspired by the world’s most extensive punk collection.

Available to groups for full or partial buyouts, The Punk Rock Museum’s maximum capacity is 300 guests. There is space for a small stage, and catering is available. Rally your team and celebrate the genre’s cultural impact over the last half-century.