Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain is offering several team-building experiences that appeal to art lovers, foodies, stargazers and more.

»Professional photographer Pam Singleton helps groups enhance their picture-taking skills while observing the desert landscape and Calvin Charles Museum art sculptures. A second option is the Big Picture Mosaic Workshop that features a photo scavenger hunt to take images that are transformed into mosaic art.

»Chef Beau MacMillan teaches cooking class participants how to create some of elements restaurant’s signature dishes and helpful cooking techniques during a cooking demo lunch or dinner. At Top Chef Meets Iron Chef, a secret ingredient is revealed before groups have 30 minutes to create a flavorful dish and present it to a panel of judges who consider presentation, taste and teamwork.

»Groups can take the Southwest Salsa Challenge to create, cook, name and design the label and jar of their very own salsa recipes as margaritas are served to get team members into the spirit.

»A location high on the north slope of Camelback Mountain makes Sanctuary a great location for a stargazing dinner or dessert reception hosted by local astronomers from Arizona State University. 

»One of the most mysterious and unusual teambuilding options features an aura reader who determines each person’s atmosphere and the qualities that surround them by taking an aura picture and interpreting the rainbow of colors

As CEO of Miami-based Loni Paige Events, Loni Paige has launched and managed experiential campaigns for high-profile brands such as Bacardi, vitaminwater, T-Mobile, American Express and Target. While many people used quarantine cocktailing as a coping mechanism during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the bars and everyone’s favorite mixologists who needed their own shot of help. Paige set out to do her part by creating Mixology Mixer


The CDC defines close contact as within six feet or less, for 15 minutes or more with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. At gatherings of many kinds, contact tracing is used to trace the people that someone has come into contact with, before they learn that they have tested positive. This allows the people that the sick person came into contact with to be aware of the situation, and to make health-informed choices. 


In 2020, Houston First Corp. (HFC) reported that the city was slated to host 252 meetings and 611,000 room nights. By March 14, the Bayou City had already hosted 115 conventions and 137,400 room nights. Then the pandemic hit, and meetings and events across the country came to a screeching halt.

We asked Michael Heckman, acting president and CEO of Houston First Corp. (HFC) how the health crisis has influenced the organization’s business model moving forward.