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DFW Airport Announces New Terminal

The original plan for the terminal was postponed due to the pandemic.

By Amy Durham

rendering of an airport terminal at dusk
Rendering of DFW Airport Terminal F | | Courtesy of DFW Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and American Airlines have greenlit $4.8 billion in pre-approved capital investments as part of their new 10-year Use and Lease Agreement. This agreement serves as the primary governing document between the airlines and the airport, shaping DFW’s business model for the coming decade. Within agreement are several major capital projects that are poised to restructure the airport’s landscape and enhance the overall passenger experience.

The first major project, with an investment of $2.72 billion, will be the expansion of the central terminal area. This endeavor includes a reimagining of Terminal C, alongside the creation of pier expansions for Terminal A and Terminal C. In addition, roadways and terminal access will undergo substantial upgrades to streamline passenger flow and optimize efficiency.

rendering of an airport terminal in white with American Airlines planes
Rendering of DFW Airport Terminal C piers | | Courtesy of DFW Airport

Receiving approximately $1.63 billion in funding, the construction of the state-of-the-art Terminal F will add a 15-gate concourse to the existing terminal area. Terminal F will elevate the travel experience for passengers, as it will feature modernized baggage handling systems, expanded concessions, and additional passenger gates, all designed to cater to the growing demand for air travel. The new terminal was part of the previous agreement, but it was postponed due to the pandemic.

In response to the ever-increasing demand for air travel, these terminal expansions will collectively add 24 new gates to DFW’s infrastructure. The strategic placement of these gates aims to accommodate American Airlines and other carriers’ long-term growth plans at the airport. The new Use and Lease Agreement replaces the previous version that was initially established in 2010, expired in 2020, and was later extended during the pandemic. By retaining many of the same business arrangements from the prior agreement, this updated contract offers both parties certainty and cost predictability, thus nurturing the continued growth of the airlines and DFW.

DFW is one of the most well-connected hubs worldwide. Situated conveniently between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, the airport also serves as a major catalyst for job creation in North Texas, bolstering the local economy through its wide-ranging operations.