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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Doc Strangeway offers groups a glimpse into the unknown.

By Teresa Kenney

It was a visit to New Orleans in 2007 that got Danny Thomas, otherwise known as “Doc Strangeway,” owner of Houston Ghost Tour, interested in starting his business. “I went on one of the ghost tours [in New Orleans],” he says. “I met with the owner afterward, and [I] got to talking to him about my degree in abnormal psychology and my interest in the paranormal and history. The owner encouraged me to open the market in Houston, which was at the time void of a regular ghost tour.”

After researching the area, Thomas began his tour in 2008, first for free and later for a fee. “[The tour] became bigger than me in 2010 when I signed up for an online promotion website, and it took off,” he says. “One day, I went to the spot to do my tour, and there were over 100 people standing there waiting. That’s when I knew it had grown larger than I had dreamed.” Today, his team of guides numbers 13, including his wife, Lindy. 

Opening people’s eyes to the unseen is his favorite part of the ghost tours. “When starting my path, my goal was always to enlighten people about the paranormal world. Seeing people take the knowledge home and embracing the possibility that there may be more to life after death [are my favorite parts],” he says.

Thomas says one of the most haunted spots on his tour is in a town called Spring, north of Houston. 

“In our Old Town Spring location, our town bank was originally a jail. When it was a jail, it was rumored to be robbed by the famous duo, Bonnie and Clyde,” he explains. 

The property’s most recent reincarnation is a mirror and vanity shop. “[Customers] and employees reported seeing shadow figures inside the building and in mirrors when they would look at their reflection. Bonnie and Clyde’s spirits are known to revisit places they committed murder and robbed; however, we believe the spirit that is seen inside the shop is the original bank manager. The shadow of a man wearing a bowler hat is consistently seen and photographed in and around this shop today.”