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It’s All About the Team

Rebecca Hackl relishes the opportunity to overcome obstacles with the help of her colleagues

By Amy Durham

When Rebecca Hackl was younger, she dreamed of opening a restaurant. “I soon learned that I’m not a huge fan of cooking,” she says, “but I found the next best thing for me, which was a life as a professional event planner.”

In high school, she joined a Distributive Education Clubs of America program for student leaders on hotel and restaurant management, and she loved learning more about the hospitality industry. Later, as a college student, Hackl worked for YMCA Casa Shelter in East Dallas for victims of domestic violence, where she mentored under the shelter director and executive director of YMCA Community Services. “I not only learned about nonprofits, but I also was introduced to planning events,” she says. “It all changed my direction in life.”

Rebecca Hackl leans on her team to pull off fabulous events. || Photo by Brent Tinsley

In 2002, she started her own Dallas-based business, Rebecca Hackl Events. “When I first started in the industry, I was so fortunate to have a few key mentors who guided me and offered vital advice,” she says. Today, she advises new meeting planners to never stop learning. “Don’t speak outside your experience to land a contract,” she says. “And during an event you are managing, treat everyone with respect because we’re all on the same team.”

In 2014, Hackl rebranded as Trifecta Event Management, where she leads a dedicated team to achieve what she calls the ultimate reward: a happy client. Of course, she faces obstacles just like anyone.

“A few years ago, I had a client who needed to turn around a gala fundraiser from concept to fruition in six weeks,” she says. “I knew my team could make it happen, but I needed cooperation from the client with a commitment on communication.” Once the client was all-in, the team set to work. “From event branding to a custom event website, invites, sponsor decks, host committee training, sourcing, sponsorships, contracts, design, patron management, execution—what a fabulous six weeks. Huge success. In this case, time was my obstacle. How did I deal with it? It’s all about the team.”

In the year ahead, Hackl is focused on bringing even more creativity to her work. “It’s a balance to manage a client’s expectations, a realistic budget, and deliver 2025 concepts, but what a great challenge to have,” she says. “We get to be artists, masters at logistics, meet interesting and fun people from around the world, and throw the best celebrations.”