Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Ready for a ‘wellness break’? Head to the Omni Fort Worth Hotel

By M+E Staff

What’s better than a meeting? A break from a meeting — especially when it doesn’t revolve around empty-calorie snacks and drinks.

The Omni Fort Worth Hotel just launched a concept I can appreciate. These new “wellness breaks” feature healthy made menus designed for associations and groups holding meetings at this Four Diamond downtown property. I’d be more than happy to swap a bagel or muffin for cucumber roll-ups stuffed with grapefruit crab salad or warm spiced poached apples with low fat vanilla cottage cheese or any of the other new options.

The health-conscious change is the result of a 2011 Omni-commissioned survey that found more than half of participants admitted to indulging in food and beverages that they later regret.

Guilty as charged.

I’m also among the one-third who admitted they take workout gear on every trip, but don’t usually use it. Sometimes it’s just hard to get motivated when I feel like I’m on vacation, which is the exact feeling I have when my eating habits take a vacation, too.

I would absolutely take a wellness break with any of the Omni Fort Worth’s new options, which range from a yoga class and chair massage to a cooking demonstration or bicycle ride. Wouldn’t you?

Laurie Dove
Texas Meetings + Events