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Texas Team Building

By Amy Durham

The bond you create with your team can make or break your ability to grow your business in the coming year, so team-building exercises aren’t just an excuse to get out of the office. They’re a necessary part of your company culture and your team’s productivity potential. In Texas, some unique and surprising venues create a lasting bond and let you have fun while you’re at it.

With a motto like, “Helping your stress one sledgehammer at a time,” you know that Tantrums in Houston is going to be a different kind of team-building outing. At $56 per person for 30 minutes, you’ll smash your way through dishes, TVs, windshields, and other satisfyingly breakable objects with a sledgehammer, baseball bat, golf club, or lead pipe in hand. It’s the kind of release that everyone needs after a long quarter—or a long day. Venue rentals give you space for meeting before and regrouping after your smash fest.

Smash room at Tantrums LLC in Houston. March 16, 2023
Tantrums in Houston CREDIT Tantrums LLC

If you’re in the Dallas area, get in touch with Texas Wine and Wood for a creative way to build bonds. Bring your own wine, and make wood signs that participants can take home as a rustic Texas souvenir, or sign up for one of the brunch events to enjoy crafts and bottomless mimosas. Take your group to the studio, or have a mobile party come to you anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Wood sign ideas include a family name wall plaque, cornhole game board, or porch sign to celebrate the seasons. Photo booths are available upon request.

For a beach adventure, book an Island Treasure Hunt in Galveston. Team members can explore the city, enjoy a little healthy competition, and discover the history and culture of the Texas coast. Planned hunts take you on set tours of the city and include challenges and prizes. From a half-mile walk to a 3-mile trek, tours vary by length, number of stops, and popular tourist attractions and businesses that are included. The hunts are easy to follow with a mobile device and can be completed at your own speed. Tours start at $15 per person and include the Seawall Stroll, the Hysterical Historical Haunt, and Finding Poseidon’s Trident.

Just outside of Austin, your team can bond while learning some of Hollywood’s most famous stunts. It’s not as dangerous as running away from an exploding building, but the team building at Stunt Ranch is thrilling. Put together a custom package that includes the activities your group would enjoy, and then jump into a day where you’re the hero of each adventure. Options include a high fall into an airbag, hatchet and spear throwing, trapeze lessons, multiple ropes courses, stunt fighting choreography, and stunt driving. Enjoy a picnic at the ranch in between stunts, and then let the competition begin with Zorbie ball races—think two giant hamster balls rolling down a soft track. You can also host a foam party, choose teams for a paintball war, or rent an indoor venue for a little downtime.