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The Essential Keynoter Survival Kit

If planners are having a keynoter at their event, having these items on hand will make sure the speaker has everything they need

By Todd R. Berger

Having a keynoter at your event comes with extra considerations || Photo by Framestock, courtesy of Adobe

Lots of things can go wrong when you bring a keynoter into your event: forgotten equipment, coffee spills—you name it. Taking a little time to put together a keynoter survival kit to address the most common issues can ensure the presentation will progress smoothly with minimal behind-the-scenes headaches. Here are a few essential things to have on hand to keep your keynoters comfortable, well-hydrated, smooth talking, and on their game.

Backups of the Presentation
Bring a backup copy of the presentation on a USB drive. Save multiple versions to the cloud in different formats, and make sure to bring a printout of the presentation in case technology fails.

Bottles of Water
Speaking makes one thirsty—have several bottles on hand.

Bring backup charging cables for Apple and Android phones/tablets and for Apple and Windows laptops.

Extra Batteries
For a mouse, laser pointer, etc.

Feminine Products
It is always a sigh of relief when these are available for those who left theirs at home. Comfort is key.

Floss, Toothbrushes & Mouthwash
Nobody wants remnants of breakfast in their teeth.

Hand Sanitizer
This is essential everywhere for a clean and healthy environment.

Lint Roller
Get those hairs or other hangers-on off of pantsuits.

Notebook & Pen
There is little that is more annoying than not having the tools to write things down when you need to.

Pain Relievers & Antacids
Stress, travel, and eating unfamiliar foods can cause internal wiring and plumbing
to go haywire.

Projector Connection Cables
Bring a VGA cable, miniport/Thunderbolt/USB-C to VGA adapter, and HDMI cable.

Protein & Energy Bars
Have some in your pocket to tide over hungry keynoters when there isn’t time for a larger meal.

Stain Remover Pen
Clean up the chicken cacciatore that ends up dripping on a keynoter’s white shirt.

Throat Lozenges
Practice sessions and extended speeches can make for scratchy throats.

From drippy noses to makeup touchups, a little Kleenex goes a long way.