Tips from a Pro

Tips From a Pro on Heading to the Gaming Floor


Booking conferences at resort casinos has become increasingly popular with meeting planners. The added level of entertainment found after conference sessions can up the ante for guests looking to make the most of their meeting destination. If you’re not a regular gamer, here are some tips that won’t make you feel like a rookie:


Tips from a pro on how to nail the elevator pitch


LET’S FACE IT: Your clients have heard hundreds of pitches. Your challenge is to introduce yourself in a way that creates a powerful first impression in the time span of an elevator ride from top to bottom. It’s no more than 60 seconds.

The biggest mistake you can make in a 60-second pitch is to blah, blah, blah your way through a list of features of your product or service. Clients don’t buy features, they buy benefits. So, you’d better know the answer to the question, “How does what you do help your clients?”

Tips from a pro on how to make adventure retreats effective and fun


Adventure retreats aren't cliché wilderness expeditions or field trips without purpose. If used and planned properly, they can serve as a powerful team-builder. After years of seeing benefits through our own retreats, we built the Larsmont Center for Strategy and Team Development at Larsmont Cottages to bring this powerful tool to others. But there are right and wrong ways to hold a retreat. Here’s how to make the trip count:


Tips from a pro for creating great meetings


I was sitting in a large ballroom in Florida at a two-day business meeting sponsored by my employer, GE. As I sat there and listened to presentation after presentation, I thought to myself: Wow! Look at all of the smart, talented people in this room. It would really be great to meet them, learn what they know and make useful connections. But that never happened. We were fed information, along with a few meals, and then sent on our way.

Tips from a pro for creating a trade show or event project timeline


When creating a trade show or event project time line, it is important to include both the tactical and strategic details. The combination of both tactical and strategic planning will help bring the biggest bang for your budgeting buck. This is the key to successful planning!


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