Want to capture your best side at the next event you attend? Seattle photographer Dan Cumberland of Sparkfly Photography has some tips for snapping Facebook-worthy selfies:

» Hold the camera high, but not too high. Shooting down makes you raise your chin slightly, which is thinning and more flattering.

» Shoot into the bright lights or the sun. Position yourself with your back to bright lights. You want your entire face to be in shadows. This eliminates harsh shadows and brings the attention to your face and eyes. The trick here is that you want to expose your skin, not the bright background behind you. Most phones allow for exposure compensation, so if it doesn’t turn out quite right, try raising the exposure.

» For outdoor parties, use any shade that may be available. Though shooting into the sun is a good rule of thumb for direct sunlight, finding some shade to step into is even better. Once you’re in some shade, face whatever direction is brightest. This puts the brightest light behind the camera and the light coming toward your face.

As an event planner, you really have no reason not to leverage Twitter.


Putting on a memorable event requires a vision, a plan, and the right people to make that plan happen.