• Travel Spotlight: Salt Lake City Airport Reveals Cutting-Edge 2020 Redesign

    POSTED October 9, 2019

Aside from its sought-after ski resorts, diverse arts culture and lively nightlife scene, Salt Lake City, Utah plans to add yet another reason to visit the state’s capital city with the opening of the new Salt Lake City (SLC) International Airport. This $3.6-billion state-of-the-art redesign is the first of its kind to open in the 21st century.
The Salt Lake City Department of Airports has enlisted the design expertise of HOK architects who, working together, have developed a plan that promises a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Completely paid for through the current airport’s self-sustaining funds, the new SLC airport will be completed in two phases. The South Concourse is set to open after Phase One of construction, which is scheduled to be complete on Sept. 15, 2020. The North Concourse will open after Phase Two of construction in 2024. 

SLC has consistently held a top ranking as one of the most on-time airports for arrivals and departures each year. Completion of the new SLC airport will accommodate a staggering 26 million travelers, encompassing nearly 7,800 acres total with six international gates. 

Say goodbye to unnecessary waiting time. The new redesign plan includes everything from a six-mile-long baggage claim to a parking garage the size of three football fields. Don’t have a car? No problem. The new Utah Transit Authority TRAX station located at the South Concourse terminal will give guests easy access to downtown Salt Lake with just a short ride.  

As if more efficient travel and departure times are not enough to make you book your next ticket, the light-encompassed airport will contain a 45-foot floor-to-ceiling glass wall offering stunning views of the surrounding Wasatch Mountains. An extension of the unparalleled Salt Lake City experience, it’s practically guaranteed you will forget you’re in an airport. 

A new Meeter-Greeter room will provide a comfortable meeting space for guests to await the arrival of incoming passengers. Complete with a fireplace and easy-to-access adjacent restaurant, the room will accommodate up to 400 people. In addition to this, the Delta Sky Lounge will get a total makeover complete with an outdoor patio overlooking the mountains. 

Additional highlights include the opening of 29 new retail stores along with new dining options including Panera Bread, Silver Diner, Shake Shack and much more. 

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