• Valley Forge CVB's Montco Wellness for Events Initiative

    POSTED November 27, 2020

Planners have enough to juggle when it comes to organizing meetings and events: from researching and booking venues to creating an attendee list and more. Then, the pandemic came and created another set of obstacles to clear. Now, planners have to stay on top of health and safety regulations and ever-changing governors’ orders in addition to everything else.

In response, the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board (VFTCB) wanted to make planning in Montgomery County a little bit easier with their Montco Wellness for Events initiative.

“Planners are already dealing with so many new hurdles, we wanted to try to remove some of the challenge from selecting a destination by making important information easily accessible in one place,” says Lisa Karl, president of sales and strategic partnerships at VFTCB.

Specifically designed with groups in mind, the Montco Wellness for Events initiative is an information portal on the VFTCB website that provides updates for planners regarding COVID-19 and other well-being measures. Specific links inform planners about local hotels and venues and their approaches to cleanliness.

Plus, the portal compiles current COVID-19 data and statistics from the county, state, and CDC. VFTCB also provides ideas for health focused and patio dining options, and wellness-oriented activities such as bike routes, golf, spas, yoga and community give back opportunities.

With the Montco Wellness for Events initiative, planners can save time and have confidence in knowing that everything they need to remember when booking in Montgomery County is all on the VFTCB website.

“This is the health and safety go-to resource for everything a planner needs to know when choosing Valley Forge & Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, as their meeting destination,” says Karl.

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Unprecedented times call for strategic measures. With so many planners wondering how best to plan for the event-specific challenges posed by COVID- 19, industry leaders and top associations have stepped up to offer a road map with trainings on everything from cleaning protocols to new contract clauses.