• What's Your Favorite Event-Planning Tool?

    Successful planners use a variety of technology tools to help them coordinate their complicated meetings and events. Here’s how several of them keep everything on track.

    POSTED June 26, 2018

“We’re loving Tripleseat for all of our database management, billing, and planning. With SnagIt, I can take a screenshot of my computer then crop it, annotate it or draw on it as needed. Canva saves us from bugging our professional designers when we need something quick and easy that looks great.”
- Lyn Gleasure, Bedrock Detroit

 “I’m obsessed with Smartsheet for collaboration and work management. It’s like a ramped up version of MS Excel. I can get my spreadsheet fix, but it also gives me the opportunity to attach files, insert comments and collaborate with colleagues or clients on a project. By housing all of my information electronically, I always have my ‘binder’ of information with me, as long as I have my phone.”
- Lindsay Krause, Special D Events

“We use Connect Space for registration, communicating to attendees and speakers, storing event documents and keeping track of which team members are taking care of what tasks. We can customize the agenda and web pages to our branding. It inaugurates with Slack giving us the collaboration on an even higher level. 24me is an app I use to combine my calendars, tasks, and notes. [The app] helps me make sure I’m not missing something.”
- Jodie Cady, Michigan Realtors

“Social Tables is our favorite planning tool. We like that we can create proposals, collaborate with other vendors, create floor plans, manage rentals, create seating charts and manage check-ins. It does everything we need it to do and it’s user-friendly.”
- Rebecca Schlussel, Star Trax Events

“OneNote and Microsoft Teams, because it is a way to interact with other groups. OneNote helps keep me organized and you can access it from all of your devices (computer, phone, tablet). You can link files to it, keeps tabs, add notes within notes and then, when the event is over, you can save it to your hard drive. It’s awesome!”
- Beverly Maddox, The Detroit Regional Chamber

The maker’s movement is alive and well in Colorado. Here are a few ways groups can connect with artisans and perhaps try a little handy work of their own. 

» DRAM Apothecary in Salida offers a line of bitters, syrup and tea using organic and wild Colorado herbs. Stop by the apothecary and send attendees home with the fixings for their own creations (cocktails or otherwise).


Executive chefs and culinary experts at Benchmark, a global hospitality company, have observed recent food trends and curated the top 10 dining trends to look for in 2019.

“Food and Beverage is an ever-evolving realm of experiences,” says Patrick Berwald, Benchmark’s vice president food and beverage. “The opportunity for us is not only to be ahead of the trend, but to understand who tomorrow’s customer will be, what fulfills their needs and how our properties can be ready to meet that demand.”

1. The Tea Party


Where and how we do our jobs puts us in high-risk situations all the time.