For the last decade, the Wild Thyme Company has been known as one of San Diego’s most creative caterers. Now the company has introduced a team-building program called the Thyme Table Challenge. In Iron Chef-like challenges held at the Wild Thyme commercial kitchen, teams face off in a battle of culinary skills and improvisation. Both teams receive the same basket of ingredients and must use every one to create dishes that work together as part of the meal. And however hot it gets in the kitchen, the dueling teams put away the knives to break bread together over the meal they’ve created.

Who says you can’t have a meeting without some pampering mixed in? Several hot springs resorts in the U.S. Mountain West can accommodate smaller meetings complete with lodging, function space, din- ing and soaking. Some even have on-site spas and other standout features like an ice museum or microbrewery to include on an itinerary.


Erase any vision you might have of a dude ranch, especially the “City Slicker” version. For the purposes of this story, let’s use the name ranch resort and picture a big dose of vision and thousands of acres for both herds and people to roam. It’s a fairly different option, but one with similar friendliness and the Western spirit of a dude ranch.


To say Wisconsin is having a moment would be an understatement. A statewide renaissance resulting in plenty of new developments, impressive renovations and entrepreneurial ventures has been years in the making and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.