Wednesday, May 24, 2023



Soundings Connect Boosts Industry Freelancers

Freelancing has become a new ball game since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as many companies cannot afford to keep full-time positions, but...

Tech That Translates

Whether dabbling with an augmented reality app, getting up to speed on the complexities of 5G service or employing cocktail-mixing robots, planners are no strangers...

Refined Italian at Pisolino

The atmosphere at relaxed Avondale neighborhood eatery Pisolino may remind you of a charming, laid-back European bistro—and for good reason. Chef and co-owner James De...

Flex Creative Muscles at Native 312 Events

There’s no better way to build team spirit than with a can of spray paint and a blank canvas. Native 312 Events gives groups...

Trend Report: How Speakers Are Mixing Up their Sessions

For professional speakers, engaging with an audience can begin months before stepping out onto the stage.  Their first audience interaction might come through a teaser...

Ink Factory’s live illustrations bring creativity to meetings

“You talk. We draw. It’s awesome.” That’s the motto of Ink Factory, a live visual note-taking company in Chicago. The company literally brings meeting...